Monday, 27 May 2013

In a dry and sultry summer afternoon, nothing can be as comfortable as sitting inside an air conditioned room. However, just like every other machine, air conditioners also need to be serviced from time to time to enable them to retain optimum performance levels. Although the working mechanism of the air conditioners might appear to be fairly complex, maintaining an air conditioner is rather simple. There are a few basic servicing and preventive methods following which will ensure that your machine continues running at its very best. Take a look at some of the basic preventive measures listed below:

1)- Cleaning the Air Filters: Try to follow the manufacturer’s guide for cleaning (or changing) the air filters on your air conditioner. While some machines require the filters to be changed once in a year, some others might need a more frequent changing of the filters.

2)- Controlling Air Flow: Make sure that your air system is well balanced to overcome fears of negative pressure pulling allergens and pollens from outside into the room. It’s always better to use a dedicated ventilation mechanism to make way for outside air to effectively create a positive pressure with purified clean air.

3)- Check the Humidity Levels: Maintaining correct humidity levels has proven to be more than effective in reducing airborne allergens. Make sure that the coils and pans of both humidification and dehumidification unit are clear and devoid of debris.

4)- Grills: Clean the return grills of the air conditioner to prevent debris, dust and other foreign particles from accumulating inside the ducts and subsequently clogging filters.

5)- Examine the Connections: Check the ducts for separated sections, holes and loose tape that allow proper air infiltration.

6)- Cleaning the Interior Unit: Clean dust particles and debris from the walls of the condenser unit. If the interior appears too dirty, a power wash is highly recommended to get the system cleaned without damaging the condenser fins.

7)- Check your external Condensing Unit: Check the condensing units from time to time and clean accumulated dust particles from the surface of the condensing unit.

8)- Clean the A/C drain line: This happens to be one of the simplest tasks that can cause hundreds in damage if ignored. Most of the modern day drains lines come with a removable plug or cap. Pouring a small volume of bleach into the line periodically can help in keeping the air conditioner drain functioning properly. Even in case your machine does not have any plug or cap; it can easily be installed by a professional service technician.

9)- Check the Thermostat: Try to check the settings of your thermostat at least 2-3 times in a year to ensure that the settings are correct and the device is getting sufficient power to operate normally.

10)- Breakers: Check the breakers and set all the breakers in “on” position. If your air conditioner has metallic breakers, lubricate the breakers with grease or oil whereas for plastic breakers, get them cleaned completely with a dry piece of cotton.


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