Monday, 27 May 2013

Regular maintenance of the air handlers can help you overcome fears of costly repairs at the stroke of summer. Air handlers, in particular need high voltage input for normal functioning and therefore there is always a possibility of shock hazard with this type of device. Periodic check ups assists in ensuring that the equipment continues to retain its optimum function ability without compromising on performance.
The main parts of an Air handler include the metering device, evaporator, electro-mechanical control systems and the blower motor. Each of these parts should be checked from time to time for consistency. Hiring the services of a competent HVAC professional is highly recommended to make sure that the device is clean and operating properly.

Evaporator Coils: One of the common problems associated with air handlers is that of blocked coils. In most cases, coils are choked with dirt, debris and other foreign particles.
When an air conditioner is powered on, the coils operate much below the dew point. In the process, this makes the coils moist and vulnerable to dust, dirt and impurities. Whenever foreign particles come in contact with the coils, it is going to stick to the walls of the coil. Gradually, this impurity layer will thicken and the device will stop cooling. Improper air flow across the coils shall lead to no heat exchange mechanism.  Therefore, to make the evaporator run properly, it’s absolutely essential to clean the coils and pave the way for a measured volume of air flow.

Refrigerant Charge:Low refrigerant charge can hinder the normal functioning of an air handler. The refrigerant charge tends to reduce with time and therefore it is always advisable to get it checked from time to time by an experienced HVAC professional.

Blower Motor: The blower motor does not require much maintenance; the only thing that needs to be done is oiling the parts and thoroughly checking the motor belt. However, some of the newer models do not have oil ports. Instead, they make use of sealed bearings that do not require oil. This type of blower motors comes with an inbuilt dust cap that can be unpacked, cleaned and greased with ease.

Cleaning the filters, checking the refrigerant charge, ensuring a proper air flow and cleaning the filters are the main elements for ensuring efficient functioning of your air handler. If all these aforesaid air handler maintenance tips are followed, you can expect to get the best out of this small piece of delicate HVAC equipment. Moreover, most of the reputed air manufacturers offer diversified support services at negligible rates. Therefore, even in case of technical issues, getting this resolved is just a matter of a phone call. 


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