Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Purchasing a suitable air conditioning system for a household itself demands a lot of consideration. However, after a final decision is taken, the next big thing that needs to be done is to get the AC installed in a way that can benefit you the most. Air conditioner installation is nothing too complicated but is certainly not a walk in the park either. There are certain points following which users can hope to get the very best out of the newly installed air conditioners. Before getting into the technical aspects of installation, lets broadly categorize the key aspects of air conditioner installation that should be addressed with additional care.

Proper connection and Placement are the two most vital factors that should be set dead right to ensure the desired cooling effect. So, here’s a few simple Air conditioner installation guides that should help you through the installation process:
      1- Installation Height: The heights at which the air conditioner has to be installed differs for window and split varieties of air conditioning system. Therefore, it’s extremely important to set a proper height without which the efficiency of the device is bound to take a toll. Experimentally, it has been found that for a room of about ten foot height, the ideal cooling performance can be achieved from a split air conditioner by having it installed at a height of somewhere around 7-8 fts. On the contrary, the window AC’s should preferably be housed much lower, about four feet above base level.

      2- Never fix the machine in close proximity to the wall to prevent heat dissipation. A distance of around nine hundred millimeter and more is rated to be ideal.

      3- Place Choice:  Strategic positioning of the air conditioner is extremely important to ensure uniform spreading of cool air throughout the periphery of the room. At the same time, the selected place must provide optimum ventilation without any blockage or obstacles to the air flow.

      4- Under any circumstances, air conditioners should never be exposed to rain, heat, vapors or sunlight. Along with this, additional stress has to be laid on creating a proper drain channel for uninterrupted drainage of condensed water.

      5- Apart from this, the net weight as well as the vibration of the unit has to be withstood without compromising on safety and security.

To conclude, if the installation process is not executed in an appropriate fashion, it can easily lead to far lesser and improper cooling of your room. In the process, the comfort level is going to fall by a considerable extent as the circulation of conditioned air within the area of the room is also going to be affected drastically.

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